Master's Degree in International Business in South America

Top Masters in International Business in South America 2016/2017

International Business

A Masters degree gives you the opportunity to either further your understanding of a particular question or take off in a completely different way using skills you have gained from your previous undergraduate degree.

International business refers to commercial activities that involve the transactions of services or goods across two different borders. Students who are interested in this line of work may choose to take classes focused on both business and cultural issues.

Spanning many countries and island territories, South America is home to many Spanish-speaking countries. Here, students can literally walk through history on their way to class and soak up the culture of ancient societies. 

Master Degree in International Business in South America

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Master In International Trade

ADEN Business School
Online February 2017 Argentina Mendoza

The Master in International Business Management and Foreign Trade has been designed for a completed 100% online, wide flexitime, absolute geographic independence. [+]

Best Master Degrees in International Business in South America 2016/2017. THE MASTER IN MANAGEMENT BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL AND TRADE OUTER It has been designed for a completed 100% online wide flexitime absolute geographic independence The Master in International Trade provides a strategic view of changing international business scenario. GOALS Provide businesses and human capital which operates in international environments qualified to adequately address the process of making strategic decisions and solving problems related to the management of international trade. To publicize the new vision, guidelines, fundamentals, prospects and factors that directly affect the global scenario of global business, characterized by increasing complexity and constant changes subjugation. Equipping attendees with the practical and theoretical knowledge as well as the tools and skills needed to function in international markets, allowing present situations and make strategic decisions related to the external dimension of the organization, its international projection and commercialization of products and / or service. Analyze how the operation linked to international business from a methodological perspective eminently useful and practical is managed. recipients Directors, Assistants and Administrative Department of Export Companies. Consultants and Consultants in business internationalization. Mypes managers and Micromypes. Foreign trade professionals in all areas. Grade Career College Students and Graduate Area, related to the subject taught. Anyone interested in acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to enter the complex and changing world of international trade and strategic management tasks associated with such activity. academic content MODULE 1: Introduction to International Trade: Basic Concepts. Process on Globalization and International Economy MODULE 2: Strategic Policy and International Markets Location. Economic Blocks: Comparison MODULE 3: Internal Structure and Organization of International Companies. APPROACHES The Foreign Markets: Export Decision and Strategic Positioning. Global Marketing MODULE 4: Operational Management of Foreign Trade Management International Negotiation and Intercultural Differences MODULE 5: International Commercial Contracts, Guarantees and routes of International Commercial Litigation Resolution MODULE 6: Risks in the international arena of negocios.Medios Collection and Payment in International Trade. Choice of Payment Instrument. Categories, Dynamics and Operation MODULE 7: Foreign Trade Transport Management and International Logistics MODULE 8: European Union Market Objective EmpresaLatinoamericana MODULE 9: Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility END OF MASTER WORK applied knowledge The main feature of ADEN International Business School is its focus on applied knowledge and skills learned to work. This allows our students to lead business projects related to each training dictate. To do this during the program completed the student must actively case analysis, project development, specialized workshops, project management and activities directly linked to the management participate. These applications are made through specialized software, video conferencing, simulation platform and other technical resources. Videoconferencing INTERACTIVE Integrative in each module and presentation videoconferences. Through a revolutionary technology incorporated as a means of participant / teacher interaction, a videoconference platform through which we promote mentoring, networking in presentation meetings, meetings integrators in each module and apply new learning activities as the resolution of cases and development of collaborative projects. SPECIALIZED WORKSHOPS Talent recruitment: Recruitment and human capital Talent recruitment: selection stages. Selection competency Talent recruitment: Evaluation and reporting. How to collect and provide useful information Talent recruitment: Recruitment 2.0. Networks and selection Talent management: Learning to Learn Talent management: Learning organizationally Talent management: talent Heights Talent management: approaches and perspectives Mirador Conducting workshops does not require additional payment. Participants who carry out the activities required by the workshop will receive an additional certification completed, evaluation and approval of each workshop. Participants will receive a certificate proving International Business School ADEN 30 hours with evaluation. Certification At the end of the program certification by EUNCET - Polytechnic University of Catalonia, credited the completion of the relevant studies to Master in International Business Management and Foreign Trade (*), with final work approved. Along with the certificate an academic report detailing of all the agenda items and the respective grades achieved by the student will be given. The participant will also receive a certificate issued by University of California at Irvine - Extension and ADEN International Business School, crediting the assessment completed with Specialization in International Business Management and Foreign tradent (^) 140 hour program. The certificate shall be accompanied by an academic report detailing the relevant themes (first 4 modules) to program recognized by Universitiy of California at Irvine - Extension. Methodology ADEN ONLINE has achieved in 10 years an innovative educational experience for executives and business managers. The program has been designed for a completed 100% online with wide geographical flexitime and absolute independence. Executives from around the world choose this program as an opportunity to better themselves at the highest level, without interference with their work responsibilities, family time or recreational activities. The main engine of the teaching-learning process of specialization is given by a context where the student is constantly challenged, motivated and accompanied by a constant interactivity with the program director and specialists in charge of each subject. Participants to enter the platform should address the following activities weekly: Analyze the readings and conduct research and development activities related to them. Analyze and respond multimedia material associated questionnaires. Study the proposed case studies and propose solutions Participate in forums providing opinions with theoretical and practical foundation. Interacting with bandmates, make decisions and implement them in the simulator. Participate in integrating videoconferencing and virtual workshops with specialists. Teacher / student and student / student interaction has been raised synchronously and / or asynchronously, ie teachers and students may or may not match the hours of entry to the platform and similarly interact constantly while solving all queries. Besides the meetings via videoconferencing in real time throughout the program optimize the relationship between all participants. The geographic space defined by the student when connecting from home, airport, etc. either from a PC, Notebook, Tablet or Smartphone. Ie no physical classrooms, requiring physical displacement, or compliance schedules, but constant exchange of ideas, proposals, projects and development of networking among participants under the mentorship led by the director of the master as professional specialists is required charge of each subject. interactive educational platform. Custom accompaniment. Paced. Academic excellence. No fixed schedules or geographical displacement. Direct link to work activity. Videoconferences scheduled. Case analysis and project development. multicultural learning. 100% Acceptance for mobile. Access to virtual campus The participant will receive a username and personal password with which will be identified in the Virtual Campus ADEN ( By accessing the campus will be enabled sequentially the contents of each of the modules comprising the program. The contents are composed of: Mid materials developed by experts in the subject, presented in different digital formats (documents, videos, presentations, charts, concept maps, specialized links, etc.). Application exercises, self-assessments, games and case development. Video conferences. Discussions and consultations. [-]

Master of International Business (MIB) - Dual Degree Options

Universidad EAFIT
Campus Full time Part time 2 - 4  January 2017 Colombia Medellin + 1 more

Insights into the Internationalization of Firms, International Relations or the Management of International Conflicts are just some of the reasons why students, professionals and executives choose an MIB... [+]


"By far the most international experience you can have in South America!" (MIB Alumni)

Insights into the Internationalization of Firms, International Relations or the Management of International Conflicts are just some of the reasons why students, professionals and executives choose an MIB at EAFIT University.

Being already familiar with the general tools in Business Administration, the MIB is offering a unique opportunity for practice- and academia-oriented students alike. You will:

Acquire a better understanding of processes and consequences in the international context, improve your strategic thinking, critical analysis and global understanding of local issues Develop your analytical, interpretive and argumentations skills Have an impact whether it is in academia or your company’s internationalization efforts Enjoy a culturally diverse classroom atmosphere. ... [-]

Master In Global Business Management

Escuela de Postgrado de la Universidad del Pacífico
Campus 19  June 2017 Peru Lima

The Master of Global Business Management of Pacific ranks among the top three level Latin America as ranked Eduniversal 2012- 2013 [+]

Master of Global Business Management Director of the Masters: Juan Carlos Mathews Academic Director: Rossana Montero Conscious of the economic, political and social transformations worldwide, and the challenges facing Peru, the University of the Pacific, as the leading institution in the business world, has created the Master of Global Business Management to form professionals first level prepared to assume responsibility for conducting international business in a changing world. Benefits DOMESTIC DOUBLE OPTION GRADE The Master of Global Business Management lets students get after successfully completing the program studies, the option of a double degree with the MBA program. Courses taught by professors from the University Pompeu Fabra As part of the curriculum of expertise all students take three courses taught by professors from the University Pompeu Fabra in Spain at the premises of the Graduate School of the University of the Pacific. These include regional economic integration processes, contracts for global operations and global logistics. METHODOLOGY OF INTERACTIVE LEARNING METHOD ERA The ERA method (Experience - Reflection - Action) has been developed by the University of the Pacific to provide the student with a comprehensive education and learning a dynamic direct application of learning to concrete situations they will face in business. It combines theory and practice, using the best technology and modern teaching methodologies. Remedial courses (preparatory) Aimed at those students who do not possess a bachelor degree in management, economics, accounting or industrial engineering, or for those students who wish to take courses for actualzarse. Q & A SESSION WITH COUNTRY EXECUTIVES AND ENTREPRENEURS Mastery of the Pacific allows students to access their elite, composed of businessmen and successful academic sector who share their professional experiences on the topics covered in classes by sessions of questions and answers (Q & A) advisory committee. BOARD OF DIRECTORS Unique expertise in the environment that allows students to participate in management decisions, by simulating real situations of Board meetings, on the basis of the presentation of business cases to the Advisory Committee. GLOBAL LEARNING Wharton Global Consulting Practicum - WGCP (OPTIONAL) In the WGCP-UP program the students of the masters of the Graduate School of the University of the Pacific and MBA from The Wharton School are an international consulting team, Peruvian companies proposing strategies and action plans required to access the US market. Advised major companies: • Aedes (Arequipa)... [-]