Distance learning Master's Degree in Global Business

Best Distance learning Masters Degrees in Global Business 2016/2017

Global Business

A masters is the first level of graduate coursework and can be obtained after you receive a bachelor’s degree. Earning a masters usually requires two years of full-time study, which amounts to 36 to 54 semester credits.


Global business refers to the way in which a company conducts business internationally. Working abroad requires companies to have cultural sensitivity as well as an understanding of local hiring, managing, marketing and other business practices.

Dealing with public universities is far from an optimal option. Private schools provide much better assistance in your distance learning experience. Several online university draws teachers and students at great distances from all over the world. This vastly increases the diversity in a distance learning classroom and produces challenging conversation among those from hugely divergent communities, regions, and distant cultures.

Distance learning Master Degree in Global Business

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MicroMasters Programme in International Business Management (Thunderbird School of Global Management)

edX MicroMasters Programmes
Online Full time Part time 24  January 2017 USA Cambridge + 1 more

Gain management skills and mindset needed for international business success from the world-renowned Thunderbird School of Global Management. [+]

Best Distance learning Master's Degrees in Global Business. Average Length: 6 weeks per course Effort: 10-12 hours per week, per course Number Of Courses: 4 Courses in Program Subject: Communication, Business & Management Institution: Thunderbird School of Global Management Institution Offering Credit: Thunderbird School of Global Management Language: English Video Transcripts: English Price (USD): $249 per course Gain management skills and mindset needed for international business success from the world-renowned Thunderbird School of Global Management. Want to advance your career in the global workplace or master the skills for conducting global business? The International Business Management MicroMasters Program from the prestigious Thunderbird School of Global Management at Arizona State University offers a highly specialized global management education that will open pathways to leadership roles in multinational corporations as well as non-governmental organizations. Offering 70 years of experience and international top ranking, this MicroMasters Program will equip you with management skills essential for conducting global business successfully. You will learn how to identify risks and opportunities in global business settings and acquire strategies for mastering interpersonal encounters in multicultural environments through effective communication, people management, and marketing skills. You will gain leadership skills, the ability to adapt to ever-changing business environments, as well as learning tolerance for ambiguity, and developing a passion for appreciation of other cultures. Successful completion of this MicroMasters Program will earn you the opportunity to be accepted into the Thunderbird Masters of Global Management program. Job Outlook Modern business is a global business. With globalization accelerating at a rapid pace, global mindset and skillset are now a norm for most career advancements. Many Thunderbird graduates go on to become country managers, do business development work internationally, open subsidiaries in foreign locations, manage global projects, and advance business careers in multinational companies. Career opportunities: Business Development Manager, Project Manager, Account Executive, Marketing Manager, Business Analysts, Customer Service Manager, Business Consultant What You'll Learn: Analytical tools for understanding the rapidly changing and dynamic global political economy. Effective communication strategies for interpersonal encounters. To explore the mix of organizational practices and people essential for sustaining competitive advantage globally. To understand how value is created via customer relationships and their strategic implications in the context of competitor and value-chain. Skills, mindset and understanding of how to be successful in a globalized marketplace. MicroMasters Program Details How To Earn The MicroMasters Credential Successfully complete and earn a Verified Certificate in four courses. Take Your Credential To The Next Level After successfully completing the International Business Management MicroMasters Program, apply to Thunderbird School of Global Management’s Master of Global Business. Once admitted, the MicroMasters Credential will count for 20% of the total program credits. Courses Managing People from a Global Perspective Learn people management practices and human resource toolsets to build high-performing cross-cultural and global teams. Communicating in a Global Context Learn how cultural differences impact business communication and enhance your international managerial communication skills. States and Markets in the Global Economy Learn to predict financial crises, handle unfair trade practices and minimize risks when investing in emerging economies. Global Marketing Strategy Understand how to assess global market opportunities and challenges while developing successful global marketing strategies. What is a MicroMasters Program? Developed to advance a career and born from Master's programs of leading universities, MicroMasters programs are a series of higher-level courses recognized by companies for real job relevancy, and may accelerate a Master's degree. [-]

Master in International Business

Webber International University
Online Full time Part time September 2017 USA Florida

The Webber International University concentration in International Business seeks to prepare the graduates with skills important to a career in various international business settings. The student development focus is on theoretical and applied concepts applicable to businesses operating in multinational arenas. [+]

The Webber International University concentration in International Business seeks to prepare the graduates with skills important to a career in various international business settings. The student development focus is on theoretical and applied concepts applicable to businesses operating in multinational arenas. Academic Requirements Summary of Requirements MBA610 Information Systems for Management Decisions MBA618 Financial Reporting MBA632 Global Economic Environment MBA635 Quantitative Research Methods for Business MBA640 Marketing Philosophy and Management MBA647 Innovation, New Products and Services, & E-Commerce MBA662 Financial Decision Making Specific International Business MBA Requirements MBA681 International Finance & Investments MBA682 International Business & Management MBA683 International Logistics and Supply Chain Management MBA684 Travel Experience in International Business MBA689 Global Strategy Apply Webber International Univeristy encourages students to submit their applications online. However, if you do not wish to apply online, you may download and print the application. Tuition and Fees How much does a top-notch business education cost? Webber International University is a privately endowed, non-profit institution that is committed to providing an exceptional education at a reasonable cost. Studies show that a college education is one of the best investments one can make for their future. Over a lifetime, the gap in earning potential between a high school diploma and a B.A. (or higher) is more than $1 million. Whatever short term sacrifices you make for a college education are more than repaid in the long term. All education and operation income is derived from endowment funds, tuition fees, gifts, foundations, business and philanthropic contributions. The student actually pays only a portion of his/her educational expenses. Fees charged by the University may be adjusted at any time by the Board of Trustees. [-]

Master in International Business Innovation

Barcelona Executive Business School (BEBS)
Campus or Online Full time Part time 10 - 12 

The objective of studying Master in International Business Innovation (MBI), does not intend to talk about what innovation is, but prepare you to be able to innovate in a global environment where understanding the importance of new technologies, personal improvement, etc. [+]

Best Distance learning Master's Degrees in Global Business. Advantages of studying in BEBS "Barcelona Executive Business School” BEBS aims to offer, through its training programs, a global development experience where the academic world meets the business one, this one having a totally important role: as a result of it, you will have an innovative, differential, global experience, no matter if you are a student, manager or an executive. With this focus, BEBS contributes to: Promote an innovative approach of Management. Boost the process of innovation, sales growth and internationalization in companies. Impulse the Entrepreneurial Spirit by promoting the global development of businessmen and women. Promote the strategic vision, which is such a huge need for our economies, so that their leaders were able to design and promote innovative and sustainable business models. Develop social responsibility in the company with teams who can combine professional competence with committed leadership and service to society. Why study the Master in International Business Innovation? When a social, corporate or technological model reaches its maturation phase, it comes to a point where what used to work no longer works. Today, innovating in new products, services and processes is still necessary but not enough. In order to keep being competitive there is the need to adapting to a new environment, which has new features and technologies. The objective of studying Master in International Business Innovation (MBI), does not intend to talk about what innovation is, but prepare you to be able to innovate in a global environment where understanding the importance of new technologies, personal improvement, etc. would allow you to build disruptive Business Models, which would provide new value to the society and greater positioning for your business. Why study in Barcelona Executive Business School? We are not a regular business school. Our focus is not academic education. BEBS (Barcelona Executive Business School) is a business school created by executives for executives. We want you to learn by doing and not just academically. We are not a school of theoretical training. In BEBS we seek not only that you learned, but that you put into practice what you learned, through an educational, creative and disruptive approach. We count with more than 15 years of experiences in executive training. Our teachers are a group of executives and managers with great careers in the business world. Our model is based on what businesses need today. Not on old patterns that no longer fit in our current business system. Methodology The methodology of the Master in International Business Innovation (MBI) is based on active participation of students through our online Campus in many activities, such as analysis and resolution of real business experiences and case studies. Therefore our methodology is based on “learning by doing” methodology. A new environment requires new ways to the learn and at Executive Business School Barcelona, if we are different in anything, it is concretely in this. This program is not intended to theorize about innovation but learn to innovate by focusing the effort on optimizing solutions that had a strong impact on society. Innovation involves adaptation, and this is precisely what this program pursues. We provide participants with methodologies, tools and criteria so that they can manage any aspect in their business. Furthermore, the master requires a combination of individual and team work, analyzing and resolving different activities, real business experiences, case studies, business simulations, forums, discussions, etc. Not to mention the final Project of the master, which is the backbone of this Master. The Master in International Business Innovation (MBI) seeks to develop the capabilities and skills of companies staff from different sectors and departments to enable them to respond to the new challenges they face in the current society. An environment that has suffered a structural change needs a different, more entrepreneurial approach. Students of the Master in International Business Management (MBI) will have access to our online campus, where they will work on different exercises and activities, which will complement the face to face classes. Furthermore, the campus is an important space where to communicate with our professors, with the rest of students, etc. A part from that, students will have online access to all the Master materials. Our Teaching staff are not just academics but businessmen, entrepreneurs, professionals and executives who are at top positions in different businesses and sectors. They focus on innovating in their companies, defining profitable and successful business models that add value to their employees and society. Our teachers seek to train students offering them an edgy and realistic view of the business world, as well as giving them the opportunity to practice different skills that students will be able to immediately bring in at their work places. Professional Career Opportunities Having completed the master, as Director of Innovation, Business Area Director, Officer or CEO, you will be fully trained for: To design, plan, implement, monitor and control the implementation of projects of technological innovation in companies. Incorporate innovation in management and planning departments or business units of technology companies. Valuing the business innovation projects based on a model and solid business plan, and knowing the benefits and return on investment. therefore, You will gain a broad and high-level of vision that allows you to transform corporate strategic planning activities of innovation through technology. We will provide the learning skills needed to manage innovative efforts in any department or business unit of a company that uses technology intensively. You will be guaranteed the knowledge of economic and business environment that may influence the development of innovation projects in companies today. You will learn to use the tools, techniques and methods used in the definition, management and implementation of processes and innovation projects. You will acquire the knowledge for the management and evaluation of innovation efforts in all areas where they occur. [-]