Master Degree in Cosmetology in the Masovia Poland

Best Master's Degrees in Cosmetology in the Masovia Poland


A masters is awarded to students who have completed postgraduate level study in a specific field of study or area of professional practice while demonstrating a high level of mastery during the process.

Like many other EU countries, Poland offers inexpensive or even free tuition to EU students. Prospective students should apply directly to their chosen Polish institution. The University of Warsaw, for example, charges between £1,300 and £2,500 per year for its English language courses.

Best Masters Program in Cosmetology in the Masovia in Poland

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Post-graduate in Bioesthetical Cosmetology

British College Warsaw
Campus Full time October 2016 Poland Warsaw

Welcome to the prestigious post-graduate studies in the field of bioesthetical cosmetology! You will gain a comprehensive knowledge and skills that can lead to new career prospects! [+]

Masters Programs in Cosmetology in the Masovia Poland. Welcome to the prestigious post-graduate studies in the field of bioesthetical cosmetology! You will gain a comprehensive knowledge and skills that can lead to new career prospects! Vibrant growth of the cosmetics market sets increasingly higher level of competence both practical and theoretical, which should have modern cosmetology. Only comprehensively qualified specialists, combining the achievements of modern science with practice and experience, they will have a privileged position in the labor market. Customer expectations cosmetologist to continue to grow. This concerns not only the experience and range of services offered beauty, but also the knowledge of the latest scientific advances in the field of beauty care. The main advantage of postgraduate studies is a comprehensive approach issues of cosmetology bioestetycznej and skilful combination of theoretical and practical training provided by experienced lecturers, practitioners with extensive professional experience. We focused on quality, modernity and experience. The modules implemented within the postgraduate program: I: Surgery The aim of the training module aesthetic dermatology is acquainted with the physiology and pathology of the skin ages, comprehensive look at aging of the skin and to discuss defects in hair and nails. Skillfully translate acquired knowledge to practical activities taking place in specialized laboratories, where he we treatments of: microdermabrasion exfoliation acids needle-free mesotherapy, micro needle and fractional cavitation peeling and sonoferezy, the use of radio waves the use of hyaluronic acid and stem cell treatments in delaying the aging process. II: Cosmetics aim of education in this module is the implementation of listeners in współczesnepodejście to cosmetic chemistry. During the course you will learn modern methods of manufacturing cosmetics and research on the development of new cosmetic products. Familiar with modern forms of products (cosmetics / cosmeceuticals) and the substances used in their production. III: The latest trends in cosmetics The latest trends in cosmetics both modern visage, as well as ways of shaping using suitable equipment. During theoretical and practical classes you will also know how important is the impact of physical activity on the appearance of the skin, and what exercises should be done to our skin remains supple and young. IV: Professional organization of beauty parlor This module will teach you how to plan to open their own beauty parlor in accordance with existing regulations. You will learn the principles of health and safety in the office and fire protection. During exercise, you prepare design their own study, learn to choose the right equipment and materials necessary to provide professional beauty services. V: Bioesthetics aim of education in this module is to present the impact of minerals and vitamins on the condition of skin, hair and nails. We will describe the water balance of the human body and the effects of shortages. You will also learn the importance of nutrition in a variety of skin diseases. VI: Shows The shows we invite companies presenting the latest equipment used in cellulite reduction and innovative cosmetics, cosmeceuticals and news on the cosmetic market. Listens actively participate in events, independently supporting equipment and checking the impact of cosmetics on your body. [-]