Master's Program in Varna in Bulgaria

Top Master's Degrees in Varna in Bulgaria 2017


The benefits of a Masters extend beyond improving your earning potential. They can provide you with personal and professional skills to accelerate your development. They are also an opportunity to differentiate yourself from your peers, many of whom will have similar A-level and undergraduate qualifications.

Earning a Master requires two years of education after earning a Bachelor. This advanced degree may help students to achieve their educational and professional goals, as the rigors of a Master’s program help train students in the skills and knowledge they need to land the career of their dreams.


Bulgaria higher education provides students with tuition loan as well as other subsidized meals while learning in the higher education institutions. After a student completes his or her studies, he or she can join the corporate world with the skills acquired from higher education.

Varna is a home to thousands of researchers and students. They are mostly enrolled to the high-class learning institutions found here. You want to study Economics or Science related courses, this city offers an ideal platform to enhance your education.

Master Programs in Varna in Bulgaria

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Faculty of Automation and Computing

Technical University of Varna
Campus Full time October 2017 Bulgaria Varna

Departments - Automation of manufacturing - Computer Sciences and Technologies - Electronic and micro-electronic engineering - Communication engineering [+]

Top Masters Programs in Varna in Bulgaria. Departments Automation of manufacturing Computer Sciences and Technologies The department offers training on the following majors: Software and Internet Technology Computer systems and Technology Studies’ curriculum for the first time in Bulgaria is fully in line with international standards for training in computer science and technology. CST Department regularly update their curricula, thereby allowing the latest achievements in the field of computer science and information technology to be promptly provided to the students. Updating curricula is based on the job market requirements for IT professionals on the most recent recommendations of the IEEE (World Organisation of Electrical and Electronic Engineers) and ACM (Association for computing machinery), and ongoing academic programs of leading universities. Electronic and micro-electronic engineering Electronic engineering is one of the most high-tech and dynamic fields. It has significant influence and applications in many other scientific and technical fields. With their extensive knowledge and adaptive capacity "Electronics" graduates are well prepared for successful careers in services, manufacturing, consulting and design of electronic components and systems used in industry, medicine, communications, computers, etc. Department "Electronic engineering and Microelectronics" maintains close ties with industry and extensive international contacts. Research and applied research in the department are mainly in: Electronic controllers and power electronic converters; Modern technologies for the design of integrated circuits and electronic systems, microprocessor-based control, management and diagnostics systems; Medical electronic equipment for prevention, diagnosis and therapy; Information and measurement systems, industrial controllers and sensors. Students of "Electronics" can enjoy the rich library of technical periodicals issued by the global organization of engineers in electronics and electrical engineering IEEE. They can obtain through INTERNET additional information on the developments in electronics and other sciences. Laboratories have the latest reference and catalog literature. Communication engineering The department is part of the EE Faculty at the Technical University of Varna and is responsible for special training in "Communications Equipment and Technologies" in "Bachelor" and "Master’s" degrees. The Department provides training on specific subjects as well as other subjects and modules in the EE Faculty, and the Technical University - Varna. The department has laboratories equipped with modern measuring instrumentation in the field of communications and computers, in which the lecturers and students can perform training and research work in the following areas: communication circuits, radio waves and radio lines, analog circuitry, antennas and microwave equipment, measurements in communications, optoelectronics and optical communications, digital transmission systems, signal processing, switching and multiplexing technique, radio communication equipment, terminals, television and video, data and computer communications, audio equipment, telecommunications networks, radio navigational instruments, radio finding cable communication lines; sonar equipment. [-]

Electrical Engineering Faculty

Technical University of Varna
Campus Full time October 2017 Bulgaria Varna

Departments - Electrical Power Supply and Equipment - Electroenergetics (Power Engineering) - Electrical Engineering and Technologies - Theoretical and Measuring Electrical Engineering - Physical Education and Sport - Social and Law Sciences [+]

Departments Electrical Power Supply and Equipment The Electrical Power Supply and Equipment Department was established in 1971, simultaneously with the opening of the eponymous major with two subjects: Electricity Supply to Industries Electrical Equipment of Water Transport Over the past years teaching and research processes are carried out by highly qualified professors, graduates of bulgarian and foreign universities (Russia, Germany, Czech Republic). The bulgarian and foreign experience was beneficial to the department and specialty as a whole. A significant part of the faculty in the department have carried out long-term specialization in Denmark, Russia, Czech Republic, Germany and Austria. Have established fruitful contacts with foreign universities. Were established and maintained relations with universities in Kosice, Izhevsk, Riga, St. Petersburg, Light & Optics - Denmark, Prague, Brno, Rostock, Budapest, Odessa, and with similar departments in other universities. Strengthened and developed contacts with foreign universities have made it possible to share the experiences of prominent scientists. Department "Electric Power Supply and Electrical Equipment" is responsible for education of highly qualified specialists for the needs of electrical industry, electrical power engineering, electrical power supply and electrical equipment in industry, transport and household appliances, illuminating engineering and other applications of electricity. Electroenergetics (Power Engineering) The Electroenergetics (Power Engineering) Department was established in 1974 to provide specialized training for students of the major of Electroenergetics. For 30 years the Department has prepared and seen the graduation of over 1,000 electrical engineers who have successfully found their realisation in all the structures of electroenergetic systems (hydro, thermal, nuclear power plants, substations, power supply plants and transmission plants , energy departments of industrial enterprises and shipping), in their capacity of designers , engineers in electro-testing laboratories, senior engineers, dispatchers, department heads, managers of electricity companies, researchers, etc. The Department also conducts the training of postgraduate students in the scientific specialties: power plants and substations, electrical networks and systems, high voltageequipment, electro-insulation and cableequipment. The major of Electroenergetics in Bulgaria has received accreditation only at TU-Varna. Electrical Engineering and Technologies The Electrical Engineering and Technologies Department is a successor to the Electrical Machines and Apparatus Department established on 01.09.1964, which originally comprised a staff of one assistant and a technician. Majors BACHELOR OF SCIENCE: Electrical Engineering Bachelor of Science training course at ЕЕТ Department specialising in “Renewable Energy Sources” and “Electrotechnologies” MASTER OF SCIENCE: Renewable Energy Sources Theoretical and Measuring Electrical Engineering The Theoretical and Measuring Electrical Engineering Department was established in 1963. Currently the Department has six training laboratories in which students from all majors at TU-Varna are being trained. The Department conducts training in the following fields: Theoretical Electrical Engineering General Electrical Engineering Electrical Power Measurements Physical Education and Sport A major priority in the work of the instructors at the Department is the formation of a system of vital sports skills and habits, increasing the locomotive abilities and giving a set of specific knowledge to students needed in their daily and sports activities. Building up students' physical activity aims at improving their functional capabilities and the adaptive and protective functions of their organisms to respond to the adverse effects of the environment. This is the basis of health improvement and preservation of high overall performance. Social and Law Sciences The department of Social and Legal Sciences provides education in the specialty “Social Management”, Bachelor degree programme, professional field 3.4.Social Work. The accreditation of the programme has been provided by the Social And Legal Sciences Commission at the National Agency for Assessment and Accreditation on 28.07.2010. (Protocol № 18) for a period of six years. The department offers education in the same career direction in five accredited Master degree programmes: Social Management, European Social Integration, Safety and Healthy Conditions at Work, Social Work with Children, Social Work with Individuals with Deviant Behaviour. [-]

Shipbuilding Faculty

Technical University of Varna
Campus Full time October 2017 Bulgaria Varna

Departments - Shipbuilding - Ship Machines and Mechanisms - Navigation, transport management and preservation of waterways - Ecology and Environmental Protection - Plant- growing - Thermotechnics (Heat Engineering) [+]

Top Masters Programs in Varna in Bulgaria. Departments Shipbuilding The Shipbuilding Department provides specialized training for acquiring the academic degrees: Bachelor of Science for the students of the major of Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering; for the students of other majors at TU-Varna, associated with the construction and operation of ships and marine structures; Master of Science for specialists with a Bachelor of Science degree on Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering for specialists with a Bachelor of Science degree on Mechanical Engineering and Operation of the Fleet. Ship Machines and Mechanisms The major of Marine Engineering was introduced in 1963, the first year of enrollment of students at the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Institute-Varna, now Technical University - Varna. The duration of study is 5 years for full-time and for part-time students, including 6 months of training sailing practice or production placement. Students graduate with the academic degree "Master of Science" and acquire the qualification degree of Qualified Engineer, also getting the opportunity to receive an internationally recognized certificate of competence "Watchkeeping Engineer". Navigation, transport management and preservation of waterways [-]

Mechanical Engineering Faculty

Technical University of Varna
Campus Full time October 2017 Bulgaria Varna

Departments - Materials Science and Technology - Mechanical Engineering and Machine Tools Technology - Industrial Design - Automotive Engineering and Technologies - Technical Mechanics - Economics and managment [+]

Departments Materials Science and Technology The Department of Materials Science and Technology (MST) is a department in the structure of the Technical University of Varna. It was established in the first academic year (1963-64) of the Higher Technical School which had been restored in 1962. The Department of Materials Science and Technology is the leading department for the training in the following majors: Mechanical Engineering and Technology - Bachelor’s Degree, Equipment and Instalations in Chemical, Oil and Gas Industry – Bachelor’s Degree, Mechanical Engineering and Technology – Master’s Degree, Chemical Engineering – Master’s Degree, Technology Machinery and Welding Systems – Master’s Degree, Materials Science and Technology of Mechanical Engineering Materials - Doctoral (PhD) Degree, cipher 02/01/02 Mechanical Engineering and Machine Tools Technology The Mechanical Engineering and Machine Tools Technology Department (MEMTT) was established with the founding of the Technical University of Varna (then the Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Institute-Varna) in 1969. It lays the foundations of the general engineering department at the University. The first Head of the Department was Senior Lecturer Jordan Pashov. At present, the main functions of the MEMTT Department are associated with training students majoring in "Mechanical Engineering and Technologies" and "Computerized Technologies in Mechanical Engineering", as well as providing training courses for other majors such as: Automotive Engineering and Technologies (AET); Mechanical and Precision Engineering (MPE), Chemical Engineering (CE), Automation, Information and Control Engineering (AICE), Ship Machines and Mechanisms (SMM), Shipbuilding (S), Industrial Management (IM) and others. Industrial Design Career. Engineer - designer with specialty "Industrial Design" and "Bachelor" or "Master" degree receive training to perform highly qualified designer, creative, executive and managerial activities in the field of: Industrial design, electrical and electronic industry products, household and industrial products, household appliances design, graphic design, advertising, interior and exterior design, artistic design. In these areas of professional activity "Bachelors" and "Masters" in specialty "Industrial Design" should apply technological, economic, environmentally friendly and ergonomic design approaches and methods. Automotive Engineering and Technologies Automotive Engineering and technology (internal combustion engines and automobiles) has Bachelor and Master’s Degrees and belongs to the professional branch of Engineering and Technology specializing Transport, Shipping and Aviation. AET specialty training has come to existence since 1963. It is a successor of the specialty Internal Combustion Engines in which students were trained up to 1993 in the Department of Internal Combustion Engines. The educational objectives of specialty Transport Engineering in BA and MA degrees are associated with training highly qualified and wide-ranging specialists with higher education having opportunities in almost all fields of modern engineering and transport industry: engine building, automobile construction, operation and maintenance of transport equipment, organization and management of transport, ecology, and research, development and design activities in companies, research institutes and other scientific units. AET Department is part of the Mechanical Engineering Faculty. The department consists of 10 full-time lecturers, 3 guest lecturers, 4 full- time Ph.D, one technical assistant and two mechanics Technical Mechanics The department of Technical mechanics provides fundamental education and training in the fields of: „Theoretical mechanics”, „Mechanics”, „Technical mechanics”, „Mechanics of materials”, “Strength of Materials”„Theory of mechanisms and machines”. Lectures and tutorials are delivered for students of the following major programs: „Machine engineering”, „Electrotechnics, electronics, automatics”, „Transport, marine transport and aviation”, „Energetics and Power engineering” and others. The research and international collaboration are related to the scientific fields as follows: Dynamics of mechanical systems, Continuum mechanics, Robotics and mechatronics, Oscilations theory, Vibrodiagnostics, etc. The department has been established with the foundation of the University. Economics and managment The Department of Economics and Management is part of the Faculty of Marine Sciences and Ecology at the Technical University of Varna together with the departments of Navigation, Management of Transport and Preservation of Waterways’ Purity; Ecology and Environmental Protection and Physics. It is responsible for the training of all university students in the subject areas of economics and management. Since 1991, it has offered training in Industrial Management Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes and in 2011 a new Bachelor’s programme in Technological Innovations and Entrepreneurship was launched. [-]